Zahia Dehar

Shot by Greg Williams, a favorite photographer of ours:

Zahia Dehar by Greg Williams

Shot by Nick and Chloé, what an amazing set of images and video(!):

Zahia Dehar by Nick and Chloe

Shot by Sebastian Faena for V Magazine, the article is a good read:

Zahia Dehar for V Magazine

You may or may not have heard of Zahia Dehar; she caused a major scandal as a highly paid underage prostitute to French football stars. The biggest benefit of the scandal appears to be Zahia’s modeling career.

Visually arresting in her own distinctive way, she destroys any preconceived notions when you see her website: One of the most beautiful, artful websites we have ever seen, full of amazing pictures by some of the best photographers alive.

Warning: Her site is moderately not-safe-for-work, written in flash, has sound, and deserves to be viewed on the largest monitor you can find.

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