Wednesday Picks – Silk Road

I was so excited when Cathy brought over this vintage coat for our latest “Wednesday Picks” feature.  I immediately wanted to pair it with a hat… or in this case a vintage 60s “turban.”

I had fallen in love with it earlier at her store, it captured the nostalgic 1920s glamour I remember feeling when looking through my grandfather’s books  – and alas I had found one that fit me perfectly. I combined these vintage items with a scoop neck dress with metallic “wings” by Love Brigade and a gorgeous necklace by AK Vintage with interconnected vintage brass hexagons that Lori from Redeem pointed out to me. I loved the bohemian feel of this outfit and the juxtaposition of different eras of fashion mixed with a modern simple dress.

All items pictured are available at Treasury and Redeem:

Vintage French Fur Coat – $275 @ Treasury
Vintage English Riding Boots – $175 @ Treasury
1960s Turban – sorry Cathy gave this to me for Xmas :)
Gold Shadow Dress by Love Brigade – $135 @ Redeem
“Energy as Matter” Necklace by AK Vintage – $75 @ Redeem