Vieques – La Isla del Encanto

The shore line as seen from our plane

I just got back from an enchanted little island – wild horses roam its beaches and forests,  pristine turquoise waters welcome only you as their guest, it is perennially 85 degrees, and at night their bioluminescent bay, the brightest one in the world, sparkles and glows as you swim in it

Wild horses roamed the island

Trees near the beach

A short path to turquoise waters

The beach at Bahia de las Chivas

View of the W Hotel from our sailboat heading to snorkel and swim

Snorkeling off the boat, I should have brought a more activity-appropriate bathing suit

Coral reefs as seen by my brother

The dramatic daily dusk and clouds on the horizon

The island is called Vieques, or Isla Nena as the locals call it – it is 8 miles east of mainland Puerto Rico and has remained off the radar for most Caribbean tourists and is therefore as wild and virgin as a Caribbean island gets. My family and I had an amazing time exploring its coral reefs, sailing to tiny islands on its bays, kayaking among schools of minuscule silver fish and of course swimming in its transparent waters. We miss it already and can’t wait to go back….