Tripod bags


I have a little Poul Kjaerholm glass coffee table in my apartment, it’s so elegant and sophisticated, and I’ve come to really appreciate it over the years

Many of the Kjaerholm collections were designed during the Mid-Century Modern years – years of unrivaled perfection in modern design – and I just found a new (to me) piece of furniture from that era that fits snugly into that category.

On display last year at Art Basel in Miami, the chair has been reproduced in a limited edition of just 100, 25 in each color. Currently produced by Sean Kelly Gallery and R20th Century

It’s beautiful isn’t it? Yeah…. well you don’t want to know how much it costs, no really, you don’t wanna know.

So after having fallen in love with the chair and realizing that I would only get to dream of having it in my home I found these little bags at Bag Borrow or Steal. I wouldn’t “borrow” one of the bags from there, I would feel strange having something I loved for a week and then having to return it, wouldn’t you? Although they do have the Louis Vuitton Richard Prince bags – it was tempting for just a second.

What I do like about the website is their outlet section, where you can buy bags that have been “gently carried” at drastically reduced prices. I found some awesome deals Yves Saint Laurent reversible “double bag” at 52% off, a Lulu Guinness Couture “Tallulah” at 78% off – $275 from $1,225. And the great thing about it is that you KNOW the bags are real and every item goes through a rigorous 10-point refurbishing process before it’s shipped out to you and satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. So it’s like ebay minus all the annoying crap.

One of my favorite finds is this (on the left) BCBG quilted wristlet “Minaudiere” bag for only $29!! And since the colors reminded me of the Kjaerholm chairs I had to get one… in blue :)