TPWP Interviews Brad Goreski

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TPWP Interviews Brad Goreski at Brook Brothers in Georgetown

Since Brad Goreski appeared on The Rachel Zoe Project, he has been one of our favorite fashion personalities on television.

As was obvious to us from the beginning, he was destined for bigger things than simply stylist’s assistant. Now, he runs his own styling business and stars in his own show It’s a Brad, Brad World. So when the opportunity to interview him during his book tour for his recently released heartfelt autobiography Born to Be Brad presented itself we jumped at the chance. He turned out to be even sweeter than he is on TV.

The interview and book signing took place at Brook Brothers in Georgetown, which was the perfect place for the event (who would have said that a few years ago?). We admired more than a few cardigans we intend to return for.

TPWP: Do your fans feel like they know you personally because your TV show and book are so autobiographical?
Brad: Definitely. And I really like that. That inspired me and the people that come up to me inspired me very much to write a book that was so personal because I felt like people related to me on a very human level as opposed to like a weird reality TV spectacle kind of level. So I thought that since they were responding so well to that that I would open up myself a little bit more.
TPWP: Would you like to design your own clothing line?
Brad: You know I get asked this question a lot and at the moment I don’t think so. You never know what will come up, right now I’m really focused on Born to Be Brad and on my styling work with my clients and with Kate Spade and with magazine editorials and stuff, so my plate is full at the moment, but you never know.

The fabulous Brad themed cookies for the event:

Brad Goreski themed cookies at Brooks Brothers Georgetown

TPWP: In the future maybe?
Brad: Potentially.
TPWP: Do you like styling men or women better?
Brad: They’re different beasts. Men are a little bit more decisive but there’s less creativity and women it’s just way more fun.

We loved that Brad’s bow tie matched his shirt:

Brad Goreski at Brooks Brothers Georgetown

TPWP: Because there’s so much to play with right?
Brad: Yeah. There’s so much to play with, there’s a lot more looks that you can do and I think women are also a bit more willing to take fashion risks. But it’s also fun to take a very handsome man and make him more handsome. So it’s pretty 50/50 for me.

Christian Louboutin Platers Flat, made of black ray:

Brad Goreski at Brooks Brothers Georgetown

TPWP: Do you think you have to live in New York or LA to be a fashion stylist full time?
Brad: I don’t think so. No not at all. I think if you offer that service where ever you are there will always be people who will desire that. Yeah because who doesn’t want someone every single day to decide what they’re going to wear.

His Bulgari sports watch was a prefect compliment to his sporty outfit:

Brad Goreski at Brooks Brothers Georgetown

TPWP: DC has an up and coming fashion scene and blogging scene so I think a lot of people here want to do that for a living and don’t know if that’s a possibility but like you said there’s options.
Brad: Yeah I think so for sure and it would depend on how you marketed. I mean if you wanted to say you were going to be a celebrity stylist in DC that might be a little difficult because you kinda have to go where there celebrities are; they’re mostly in New York and LA. But it would be political candidates wives, Senator’s wives.

TPWP Interviews Brad Goreski at Brooks Brothers Georgetown