The Peep Show at Activation 440

This past weekend we attended Activation 440: The Artist Bazaar produced by No Kings Collective – which brought together some very talented artists who showcased their illustrations, photography, graffiti and street art installations.  Our favorite one (we might be a little biased) was The Peep Show by Kelly Towles

REST by Adrian Cabrera

My little brother Adrian helped Kelly with his exhibit and to my surprise (and delight) he also displayed some beautiful work of his own.  The Peep Show encompassed the entire space it was exhibited in.  The second one walked in the door it was apparent the artist wanted to take the visitor on an enveloping journey – flat black walls, vivid colors (and sounds), notes to and from the “dancers,” as well as music and “bouncers.”  It was hilarious, entertaining and thoughtful.  The show also continued on the roof with an extra large and playful caricature that was painted and finished right before a big thunderstorm.

We also met two new artists – Annie Kielman and Sarah Edmands Martin – whose abstract yet beautiful installations, drawings and digital prints we loved.