Tarts by Tarts at Treasury Valentine’s Event

Tarts by Tarts Heart Cookies

A great Valentine’s Day dress:

Treasury dress

Donuts and hearts = paradise:

Part of the Tarts by Tarts spread at Treasury

Cathy Chung, one-half of the Treasury Vintage empire:

Cathy of Treasury

The Lemon Ginger Meringue Tartlet:

Tarts by Tarts Meringue

Caramel Nut Tartlets:

Tarts by Tarts tartlets

We were happy to see Kate, who we have shot before. She also writes for BYT, works part time at Treasury, and looks beautiful:

Kate at Treasury

Yeasted donuts with chili spiced chocolate glaze:

Tarts by Tarts Donuts

One of the great accessories displays at Treasury:

Treasury accessories

Yeasted donuts with Dulce de Leche filling:

Tarts by Tarts donuts

Detail of the splatter-paint print on Ashley’s skirt:

Ashley skirt detail at Treasury

Yeasted donuts with vanilla and coconut:

Tarts by Tarts donuts

Great color on Ashley’s red bag:

Ashley outfit back

Tart of Gold was a mouth watering event from a vintage and food standpoint. Treasury is always a great visit because they do such an excellent job of arranging and styling their merchandise. We are especially taken with their accessories and never fail to make at least one purchase on every visit (including this one).

The baking duo of Tarts by Tarts should probably add the tagline ‘ridiculously photogenic baked goods’ to their website. The pictures we took definitely triggered a Pavlovian response while we edited them. Luckily we ordered their Simple Apple Tart at the event, and are happy (sad?) to report that we liked it so much most of it did not make it to Valentine’s Day.