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Oh the tragedy of the unalterable human foot

I found a treasure trove of shoes at the thrift store – they were all living together on the same shelf, right next to each other, owned by the same woman, and never worn before.

Diane Von Furstenberg
Stuart Weitzman
Andrew Geller

At least two decades old but brand new. I couldn’t believe my eyes. AND they were all almost my size – 7 – I put them in my basket faster than my brain could process the information and I went home happy. That is until I actually tried them on and realized that a vintage size 7 is, well, a vintage size 7 and far from fitting my size 7.5 feet. They’ve been sitting at my house for weeks, I haven’t wanted to let go of them. Until I convinced myself that it was selfish to perpetuate their captivity. So tomorrow tonight I’m putting them up for sale on ebay. I hope one of you can enjoy them as much as I wanted to… HERE is the link