A Crazy Weekend in Washington DC

If you haven’t noticed there’s a whole lot going on in DC this weekend. Be thankful you live here during (unprecedented) times like these and try to make as many of these events as possible!

Friday, October 14th

Saturday, October 15th

Sunday, October 16th

To help you navigate it all, we have made this interactive map. Click the image below for details:

Oct 14th-16th: A Crazy Weekend in DC

BaoHaus’ Eddie Huang Pop-Up Event at Toki Underground

baohaus at toki underground

Our favorite Washington DC ramen restaurant, Toki Underground, is hosting a pop-up event with Eddie Huang from BaoHaus NYC. Chef Erik Bruner-Yang will be working the line with Eddie serving Toki’s ramen and BaoHaus’s pillowy steamed buns filled with the delicious fillings listed below. Erik told us: “This is going to be huge for DC and hopefully Eddie won’t burn the town down.” In case such an event happens, Eddie’s law degree might help them get out of trouble.

Friday October 14 from 7 PM and Saturday October 15 from 5 PM

Featuring Toki Ramen + Chairman Bao (Berkshire pork belly), Haus Bao (Creekstone beef cheek), BirdHaus Bao (brined chicken), and vegetarian Uncle Jesse Bao (organic fried tofu).

Alexis Thornlow and Erik Bruner-Yang

Alexis Thornlow and Erik Bruner-Yang: Creative minds behind Toki Underground, the most exciting new restaurant in Washington, DC. She is the marketing director and designer of TokiUnderground.com and so much more (check her out on alexisthornlow.com). He is the chef behind the amazing food. See our feature on Toki HERE.

UPDATE: They have since split, but this picture represents a moment in time where two people came together to create one of the best and most original restaurant concepts Washington DC has ever seen.