Mighty Aphrodite Outtakes

We couldn’t fit all our great pictures from this inspiring event into one post. If you missed part one, you can find it HERE. To see all of our Mighty Aphrodite coverage click HERE.

DemiGODS sign

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Michelle, Stephanie, and Kimee

(center) and Kimee Brown (right) pose with makeup artist Michelle
before the Mighty Aphrodite fashion show.

We love the contrast of Michelle’s bright pink nail polish against her shoes and her bright magenta lips. Kimee’s outfit is so sensational we had to give it a separate blog post, which you can see here.

Favorite Look: Palace 5

A model shows off our favorite look from Palace 5 at the Mighty Aphrodite fashion show. We have always been a sucker for cardigans, but the stars of this look are the Herschel Claim pack in mustard and especially the TOMS Bleach Splatter Denim Men’s Cordones (which we must buy).

Dwayne Brice at Mighty Aphrodite

Dwayne Brice manager and associate buyer at Hu’s Wear and a principle at DNA Luxury stops to have his picture taken before entering the madness that was Mighty Aphrodite. We love the contrast of his electric blue bag, the easy draping on his blazer and the leopard print slip-on shoes!