Brightest Young Things Zou Bisou Bisou Party at the French Embassy

a rose by any other name would smell as sweet...

I grew up in an enchanted house; my playground was a courtyard of lemon trees and beautifully manicured rose bushes that always seemed to be in bloom and sprouted fairytale roses of colors and sizes that I have never again seen. My imaginative and mercurial mind fabricated hundreds of stories… some of which surely included lace tepees.

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Behind the Glass Doors

Sometimes being backstage in a fashion event is more exciting than sitting on the front row – the ReadysetDC show was no exception for me.  I worked with a wonderful group of girls who were entertaining, sweet, funny – not to mention beautiful – Cathy, Katerina, Kristen and I had a fun time getting all of them ready – despite having to constantly expel intruders and strangers from our dressing room who wanted to try on their clothes!

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ReadysetDC – the Treasury Runway

Our models lined up just after the finish of the runway show

The ReadysetDC runway show was perched on the rooftop of the aptly named View 14 building, granting all attendees incredible views of the city stretching as far as the Potomac River. Judging by the lines stretching around the corner of the building – this was a very popular event – I spent most of my time in the dressing room, but trust me when I say it was loads of fun in there too

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