It’s Always Sunny in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, I love
the graze of your fingernails,
your slow sparklers of palm trees, your buildings silver
and inscrutable, in constant haze …
S. Beasley

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New Orleans

Old facade in the French Quarter

The month of May has flown by faster than I could process – between traveling to New Orleans to present my research data at a medical conference, helping my mom decorate and furnish her new house and working on a big sewing project with my aunt – I have barely had any time for … anything!

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Solitary Confinement

Designers can be crazy. Minimalist designers are even crazier. Take The Selby’s feature of Edward Leida, design director of W magazine, as an example. His apartment may be a bit sparse, and he may not hang any pictures on his walls (which are all white). But, every object represents an intensity of choice that is only common in the living spaces of a designer

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Best Address


I look at an immense amount of DC real estate. I’m jaded and bored with most of it. The promise of a stately exterior is hardly ever matched by the interior. So you can imagine my surprise and subsequent joy when I stumbled upon this treasure: a unique condo located just off the lobby on the ground floor of one of the best preserved and best kept pre-war apartment buildings in the city, 2029 Connecticut Avenue NW

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