It’s Always Sunny in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, I love
the graze of your fingernails,
your slow sparklers of palm trees, your buildings silver
and inscrutable, in constant haze …
S. Beasley

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La Petite Marmoset Vintage – Showroom Launch Party

A huge milestone for any business is the transition from the entrepreneur’s living room to a dedicated space. La Petite Marmoset Vintage’s showroom launch party commemorates this very transition. Katherine and Ashley of LPM have worked tirelessly to achieve this moment and serve as an inspiration for creative entrepreneurs in Washington DC. Here’s to LPM Vintage using this as a springboard to future success!

Our photos from the evening:

La Petite Marmoset Showroom Launch Party

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Cheralee Lyle at the Refinery29 DC Launch Party

Cheralee Lyle, aside from being beautiful and sweet, is an amazing addition to the Washington DC fashion blogger community (all the way from South Africa). Her blog Lyle Style is already one of the best in the city. Welcome to DC Cheralee!

Taken at the Refinery 29 DC launch party

Purple & Green

I have a Wisteria vine on my terrace that just bloomed into gorgeous and fragrant flowers with a scent so sweet and strong it permeated even the air inside my apartment (pic below).

Wisteria Blooms

The colors are just as beautiful and they reminded me of how much I like the combination of purple and green as seen in this second picture of a dress and blouse from the latest Topshop lookbook.