La Petite Marmoset Vintage – Showroom Launch Party

A huge milestone for any business is the transition from the entrepreneur’s living room to a dedicated space. La Petite Marmoset Vintage’s showroom launch party commemorates this very transition. Katherine and Ashley of LPM have worked tirelessly to achieve this moment and serve as an inspiration for creative entrepreneurs in Washington DC. Here’s to LPM Vintage using this as a springboard to future success!

Our photos from the evening:

La Petite Marmoset Showroom Launch Party

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La Petite Marmoset 1 Year Anniversary Party

It’s not an LPM party unless there’s cupcakes:

Cupcakes at the La Petite Marmoset 1 Year Anniversary Party

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Spicy Candy DC / One Medical Brunch

Carlis and Katya of Spicy Candy DC with DJ Loud Tone:

Spicy Candy DC

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