Curated Blog Feeds and Blog Directory in TPWP Guide

Today brings a big addition to our sister site, TPWP Guide:

TPWP Guide was a home to the catalog of places we love in Washington DC. Now, it’s home to a catalog of people we love as well. The most common complaint we hear about the blog scene in DC is that it’s impossible to keep updated on the goings-on of all the great bloggers in the city. To solve this problem we created a constantly updated feed from all the blogs we think are great to the homepage of TPWP Guide. The page works similar to Pinterest or Tumblr – a single image, an except of text, and a link to the post on the original blog.

That’s not all; we also created a Washington DC Blog Directory with a short bio on each blog found in our feeds. From the directory you can view dozens of posts by a single blogger – click on an image to be transported to the original blog post.

Let us know what you think; during development, we have been using our feeds to keep tabs on DC blogs and find it incredibly useful. We’ll be adding more blogs as time goes on and constantly updating the information on the blogs in the directory. We hope you like it!

So Much to Share with You…

We’ve missed you!

If you’ve been wondering where we have been in the last few months – we have a few projects to unveil to you. First, and most obvious, we redesigned the blog and moved to Tumblr (UPDATE: as of 6/16/2012 our blog is WordPress, but you can still follow us on Tumblr) to allow more interaction with our readers. Second, we have been working arduously to create a guide to one of our favorite cities in the world – Washington DC. You can access it easily via the tab at the top of our blog. Our guide includes evocative articles, stories and photographs of all our favorite places in the city: restaurants, cafes, boutiques, shoe stores, art galleries, museums, etc.

Unlike many other city guides, we hope to provide new visitors and current residents a stylish guide to DC that has been carefully curated by a small group of us who live here, love the city and have a discerning eye for originality, style and a little bit of magic. That magic may be found in a food truck stand on the side of the road or in a majestic marble-floored museum. We will add reviews, articles and pictures frequently, and hope to bring you more unique content such as video interviews, tours and collaborations with artists and designers in the city. We are very very excited to share this project with you and hope that you enjoy looking through it as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

The blog will continue as our creative outlet and extension of the guide featuring behind the scenes photos of our endeavors, extended content from our photo shoots as well as all the fashion related posts you are used to seeing. We welcome your feedback and messages!