Curated Blog Feeds and Blog Directory in TPWP Guide

Today brings a big addition to our sister site, TPWP Guide:

TPWP Guide was a home to the catalog of places we love in Washington DC. Now, it’s home to a catalog of people we love as well. The most common complaint we hear about the blog scene in DC is that it’s impossible to keep updated on the goings-on of all the great bloggers in the city. To solve this problem we created a constantly updated feed from all the blogs we think are great to the homepage of TPWP Guide. The page works similar to Pinterest or Tumblr – a single image, an except of text, and a link to the post on the original blog.

That’s not all; we also created a Washington DC Blog Directory with a short bio on each blog found in our feeds. From the directory you can view dozens of posts by a single blogger – click on an image to be transported to the original blog post.

Let us know what you think; during development, we have been using our feeds to keep tabs on DC blogs and find it incredibly useful. We’ll be adding more blogs as time goes on and constantly updating the information on the blogs in the directory. We hope you like it!