Ulysses Room Launch Party

Ulysses Room Ulysses Room - a skylight with ivy at night - a creative event loft space in Washington DC Launch Party - Washington DC via http://www.thepresidentwearsprada.com/ulysses-room-launch-party/

A big moment for us: The launch of our creative studio loft – Ulysses Room

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Meeps Grand Opening Events

The very first fashion event I attended in DC was a little pop-up shop put together by Cathy and Katerina almost four years ago; It was incredibly rewarding that this time around we could collaborate in the grand-reopening of Meeps. Here are our photos from the 2-day festivities to celebrate this brightly-renovated space infused with Cathy + Katerina magic.

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La Petite Marmoset 1 Year Anniversary Party

It’s not an LPM party unless there’s cupcakes:

Cupcakes at the La Petite Marmoset 1 Year Anniversary Party

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Spicy Candy DC 2 Year Anniversary Brunch

Carlis (left) and Katya (right) of Spicy Candy DC – Carlis’ skirt and Katya’s skirt + blazer from La Petite Marmoset Vintage:

Carlis & Katya of Spicy Candy DC

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