Superb Renovation


Brooklyn brownstone dining room before


Brooklyn brownstone dining room after

A shot of the restored plaster moulding and parquet floor. I love the low-slung modern seating as a juxtaposition to that beautiful crystal chandelier.

Brooklyn brownstone living room

It may be every interior design junkie’s dream to repurpose a bedroom as a master bathroom. I will always love de Gournay wallpaper.

Brooklyn brownstone master bath

Desire to Inspire (one of my favorite interior design blogs) had a truly inspiring post yesterday: The many years long (since 2007) renovation of an enormous brownstone in Brooklyn. This is without a doubt one of the best renovation and decorating jobs I have seen in a long time. Like many of the most creative and exceptional homes, the house was not the work of a professional decorator (though she may be one soon). Jessica, the owner, directed the entire process herself. More information and pictures can be found HERE.