I grew up in a very large family of collectors – my brother calls us pack rats, but he’s the impudent one in the family so we’ll ignore him

I spent my sunny childhood days with my aunts rummaging through markets and yard sales and thrift stores buying and collecting trinkets, trifle and the like. Very happy times. Those tendencies have remained with me through the years so it’s not surprising that one of my favorite online stores is full of such little objects that I would have myself picked up at a store.

Three Potato Four is a treasure trove of magical items, and I have to fight so so hard to keep myself from buying everything I see. But these adorable stickers I will buy, and put them together like I did below in a frame to hang next to my desk as a reminder that Summer is coming…. and with it more rummaging :)

Sticker Stamp Set from Three Potato Four – $6 each