Solitary Confinement

Designers can be crazy. Minimalist designers are even crazier. Take The Selby’s feature of Edward Leida, design director of W magazine, as an example. His apartment may be a bit sparse, and he may not hang any pictures on his walls (which are all white). But, every object represents an intensity of choice that is only common in the living spaces of a designer

The vintage, bright green, Panton Cone Chairs are not easily acquired. And the easels upon which his art rests were not bought in a store but designed by the man himself. His teapot and Egg chair are designed by the same man, Arne Jacobsen. As you page through the additional photos over at The Selby, you can imagine what it would be like to live with a man like this. You can, under no circumstances, just buy something on impulse. Everything must have a story, a deeper meaning and conviction. It may not be the life for everyone, but you must respect the discipline and beauty that is the result.

Link to The Selby: here
Edward Leida’s personal site: here