Shock and Awe

When I opened the January 2010 issue of W magazine to page 66 my jaw fell to the floor. I almost dropped the magazine itself. Spread before me was a picture of Isola Bella

A stunning private island that is host to Palazzo Borromeo and its gardens. According to the W article, the island has been in the family since the 1500’s when it was just a pile of rocks. Oh what a difference a few hundred years makes! The island is a testament to what can be done when you mix passion, diligence and good taste with piles of money. I find it inspiring that a family can pass along these ideals over numerous generations. The proof is in the fact that the Salone in the 2nd picture was not built until the 1950’s!

Photos are from the January 2010 issue of W
The W article can be found online HERE