Sea Foam and Tule

I spent a week on an enchanted little island at the edge of the Caribbean Sea. To capture the wild drama of Vieques, I brought this exaggerated tule skirt that my aunt hand-constructed for our DeNada photo shoot. One of the skirt’s multiple personalities is an ocean mermaid, so here it is frolicking among the volcanic rocks and ocean foam

  • Katya

    Wow…what a stunning post! The photos are amazing…surreal! And you look gorgeous. Now I want to go to Vieques and roll around in the sand in fabulous skirts too ahhaha.

    • TPWP

      Thank you sweetie! It was such a magical day & the light from the sun setting was gorgeous. You should come next time! you would love it!

  • Patty

    How beautiful! I am in awe of your aunt making that skirt

    • TPWP

      Thank you! She’s a very skilled tailor and I’m so lucky to have her to create beautiful clothing for me :)

  • La Petite Marmoset

    This is unbelievably beautiful! You really do look like a mermaid :)

    • TPWP

      You’re so sweet! I relished in the opportunity of acting like the little mermaid! hahaha

  • Lara S

    AmAzInG! I want to spend all winter in that place…looks like paradise

    • TPWP

      That makes two of us 😉

  • jasmine.

    you do look like a mermaid! …very pretty!