Redeem’s 5 year Anniversary Party featuring A New Cross

A New Cross drawings

When we first talked to Redeem owner Lori Parkerson about the possibilities of her 5 year anniversary party, we imagined bringing many disperate elements of fashionable Washington DC together. This event exceeded our expectations

Designer Nicolás Rivero readying the installation portion of the A New Cross show

Nicolas Rivero setting up before the party

A New Cross sketch

A New Cross designers David Angel & Nicolás Rivero admire the finished product

A New Cross - the final product

John Thornley (along with his brother Paul) from U.S. Royalty were the DJ’s for the evening

John from U.S. Royalty DJ's

The lovely Rhiannon Day, a DC based model, and our favorite photographer Anton Papich

Anton Papich & Rhiannon Day

Love the mixture of my colorful shoes (Christian Louboutin Hyper Prive pumps) and Lauren Friedman’s (from My Closet in Sketches) animal print heels

Shoes at Redeem's 5 year anniversary

The exotic Aureta Thomollari and I chatting about the A New Cross collection

Aureta and Carla from TPWP

Attendees at the Redeem 5yr Anniversary Party

An attendee at Redeem's 5 year anniversary party

You may have seen DJ on our blog before

DJ at Redeem's 5 year anniversary party

An inspiring combination of an oversized sweater and colorful cross-striped pants

Outfit details at Redeem's 5 year anniversary party

We were so happy when Honest Tea agreed to sponsor the event; I drink this particular flavor every day

Honest Tea at Redeem's 5 year anniversary party

A great cardigan and an unexpected combination of prints

An attendee at Redeem's 5 year anniversary party

Quincy Jones stands out in a bright motocycle jacket and layered asymmetric sweaters

Quincy Jones at Redeem's 5 year anniversary party

Dana Rico tries on a t-shirt by A New Cross that she later took home

Dana Rico wears A New Cross

Model Laura Reading waiting for hair and makeup before the A New Cross show

Model Laura Reading waits for hair and makeup

Dwayne Brice and Aureta Thomollari looking “fashion serious” – love her two-tone nail polish

Dwayne Brice and Aureta Thomollari at Redeem's 5 year anniversary party

A handmade pair of A New Cross boots waiting to be purchased

A New Cross boots at Redeem's 5 year anniversary party

Our eyes delighted in the individuality and creativity of the party’s attendees. Our minds were stimulated by many conversations of substance and not just style (our favorite was discussing Ukrainian history and French literature with Katya and Cameron). This event was the perfect storm of the right people, the right place and the right time. The icing on the cake was the presentation by A New Cross, which you can view HERE.

Thank you to all our friends, bloggers, and readers who came to celebrate Redeem’s Anniversary with us, to the sponsors Duvel and Honest Tea, and to brothers John and Paul of U.S. Royalty for providing the perfect soundtrack.

Congratulations Lori and Redeem! Cheers to many more successful years!