One of Each

I went to Westend Bistro (Eric Ripert) at the 1150 22nd Street NW Ritz on an uncharacteristically dry day to take advantage of the outdoor seating (and food)

The temperature was hot and humid and the menu full of attractive items – I wanted to try everything – so we ordered a few appetizers, small bites from the bar menu, drinks, and sides.

I tried two drinks- the Low Country Lemonade and Memorial Bridge Sunset but I wasn’t incredibly impressed with them, I guess after having tried the magical concoctions by the mixologist at the Four Seasons every other normal cocktail tastes boring. The food, however, was delicious – you can order mini burgers, cornbread sliders and mini fish cakes individually which is great when you want to try more than one. My favorites were the Blue Bay Mussels with chorizo and white wine, the softshell crab with mango and watermelon salsa. The outdoor seating there is great, it’s fenced in by tall trees and feels intimate and special. If only they served brunch… I would be there every weekend 😉