Mighty Aphrodite Outtakes

We couldn’t fit all our great pictures from this inspiring event into one post. If you missed part one, you can find it HERE. To see all of our Mighty Aphrodite coverage click HERE.

DemiGODS sign

DJ and another model relax before the show:

Dope at Mighty Aphrodite

Alissa Bourne and another model pose for the camera:

Mighty Aphrodite models

Quincy Jones looks on as Stephanie strikes one of her signature poses:

Stephanie and Quincy Jones

Foreground: A model wearing the Herschel Claim pack from Palace 5
Background: DJ models an Kai-Aaakman jacket from Redeem:

Mighty Aphrodite backstage men's

Palace 5 model does some impromptu dancing on the runway:

Palace5 dance

Stephanie and another model for It’s Vintage Darling just before the show:

Stephanie and friend model for It's Vintage Darling

A model for It's Vintage Darling twirls

models a look from It’s Vintage Darling:

Stephanie models for It's Vintage Darling

A look from Tari (great shoes!) modelled by Alissa Bourne:

Modeling for Tari

A look from Tari
(Proenza Schouler dress & Moschino belt):

A model walks for Tari

DJ models an Kai-Aaakman jacket from Redeem:

Dope models for Redeem

Redeem model in a pensive pose:

A model strikes a pose for Redeem

The Fire-Eater:

Fire Eater - Mighty Aphrodite

Fire Eater - Mighty Aphrodite