May – August

I developed an unexplored appreciation for soft-shell crabs in the last year and this summer I was able to cultivate it and was lucky to have found some very notable examples of this delicacy here in Washington DC. The blue crabs typically used for soft-shells are in season (when they shed their shells) during the summer months, so get them while you can!!! Although I guess crabs from Asia and the Gulf of Mexico can be found year-round, so maybe don’t panic quite yet.

These are some of my favorites:

I had this at Central for lunch, soft-shell crab served over a creamy corn puree that was slightly sweet and super flavorful. Although the serving was very small and pricey, the flavors were excellent and the crab was perfectly cooked.

These two soft-shell crab dishes are on the “daily specials” menu at Sushi Ko on Wisconsin Ave in North Georgetown. The roll is served over a spicy and creamy peanut-based sauce and is rolled with avocado. The whole crab was served with a vinegar-based sauce.

This was my favorite one—from Tabard Inn in Dupont also on their lunch menu. It was served over a fruit salad with mint, and the fresh and crisp fruit flavors went amazingly well with the crab. It was delicious and light.