Love Vintage

I’m excited to start a new feature post on the blog. It will highlight some of my favorite online stores ranging from vintage looks like the one today on Etsy to current high-fashion items

The shop featured today is called Paramount Vintage, you might remember it from my jumpsuit post – I have always loved the shop’s wide-range of prints and 70s vibe. Their buyers hand-pick each garment and look to underground street fashion and high end runway catwalks for style inspiration.

Kristin from Paramount Vintage picked for us her three current favorites from the store which you will see below. She also answered a couple questions about her look.

Why she loves these:
Shine as bright as the summer sun! every girl needs at least one feminine sun dress and this one couldn’t be any cuter!

The colors! The shape! The style! There’s only one thing better than finding this season’s hottest look and that’s finding it vintage and one of a kind.

It’s time to dress up casual! going shopping, to a movie, or out to lunch? Throw on this comfy tunic and add instant color and style to any casual look.

How would you describe your style? “My personal style ranges from every era, shape, and color. Though it’s eclectic I put it all together with a classic, simple, cool. I wear boots with everything! I generally have 3 looks.

  • Layered mini dresses are my daytime look.
  • Wide leg bells are my casual look (I only wear dark wash denim because it instantly adds sophistication to a casual garment).
  • And finally, 40’s and 50’s dress suits are my evening look. I think it is so important to dress up for every occasion! and never forget that fashion is art!”

How does your style influence your store? “I rotate my clothing collection constantly. I love picking items from my personal closet to sell online. It’s such a great way to make room for anything new. Everything I sell online is something I would wear. It is much easier to shop without someone else’s image or style in mind. If I’d wear it, I buy it.”