Little birds and locks

I go through these jewelry stages every year where I obsess over certain items, last year it was bracelets, I wore dozens of then at the time, and nothing else. This year it’s necklaces, hand-made quirky ones.

These are some of my current favorites:

OK, maybe this is technically not a necklace but very close. I love key necklaces and I couldn’t resist these gorgeous porcelain ones, I put them on a brass chain and layered them with other keys. From the Curiosity Shoppe $40

Yes, that’s a vertebrae, it’s from a tiny snake – she didn’t kill it though so don’t worry. From one of my favorite jewelry designers Erica Weiner, who makes pretty jewelry out of vintage finds and strange items. I have another one of her necklaces as well, that has this perfect mix of different metals and rings and keys. This one is $45

Isn’t this the cutest thing ever? a little quail egg, lined with gold leaf and coated in plastic for strength on a 14K gold chain. Pendant by Stephanie Simek $125