Kelly Towles + DC Brau Short Film

Watch as artist Kelly Towles creates a street-smart, tattooed, urban cowboy – riding on a cloud

I love the direction Kelly Towles‘ recent murals have taken: the clouds, the colors, and the hidden characters; urban edge with a dash of whimsy. You should be able to walk by a mural and find something new each day, and his murals have secrets to be found everywhere.

I filmed Kelly using a combination of video and stop-motion time-lapse as he painted this mural inside the DC Brau Brewing Co. The mural is only one element of Kelly’s collaboration with DC Brau; he also created three limited edition labels for DC Brau bottles. The bottles and this film both premiered last Friday at an event at Kushi Izakaya.

I commend DC Brau for this forward-thinking collaboration. Local business supporting local artists like Kelly Towles are the key element to creating a growing professional creative community in Washington DC.

See our coverage of the launch event HERE

Kelly Towles

Photography and Concept
Marshall Johnson – The President Wears Prada

DC Brau Brewing Co

S-Type – Billboard
Metz – Get Off

  • Jordan Turrow

    Thanks for sharing this and great job!

    • TPWP

      Thanks, and thanks for watching!