Keeping warm at The Ace Hotel

Going to NYC on the coldest, wettest and windiest weekend this season is not really my idea of a perfect vacation. Alas, those were the conditions on my latest trip there. Lucky for me I ended up in the right hotel for that type of tempestuous weather

The Ace is the latest addition to the hip and youthful hotels in downtown Manhattan. Designed by Roman & Williams, this highly awaited hotel is still creating quite a buzz now 8 months after opening.  The well-trafficked lobby of the Ace is dark and brooding – reminiscent of an old British coffee house, complete with the coffee and pastries. At night, it has become the place to be in Manhattan – you will not find an empty seat in any of the dozen couches – but you will find plenty of hipsters drinking local beer and dark wines.  Since I had little intention of leaving the place during the driving snow storm, I was so so happy that The Breslin, the restaurant inside the hotel, had just opened and is run by one of my favorite NY chefs, April Bloomfield.