Goddess of Babylon: The Tabernacle Dress

I love when a designer’s inspiration for a collection can be palpably experienced in a single garment

“My muse, Ishtar, the Babylonian goddess of love and war had to find new clothes to wear on an expedition to uncover the ruins of her lost civilization”
Samantha Pleet

You can see a peek of the reversible tan underside of this lovely dress

I am in love with every delicate twist and pucker to reveal diamond cutouts around the waist line

Can you imagine a Babylonian goddess wearing anything more appropriate? I am jealous of designer Samantha Pleet‘s muse’s impeccable wardrobe! Aside from fulfilling my dreams of sitting atop an exotic throne, this Tabernacle dress is also the most comfortable in my closet – didn’t think that was possible. The raw silk feels like, well, silk – the softest and lightest you can imagine. But it’s the cut of this dress that I am most in love with: It’s perfectly relaxed and just lightly grazes your body yet maintains a gorgeous silhouette + the twists around the bodice create delicately sexy cutouts. Did I mention the dress is reversible? I agree… it truly is perfect.

See Samantha Pleet’s dresses on ANTHOM

  • http://starcrossedsmile.com/ Nnenna

    I love the cutout details of this dress and the fact that it’s reversible- it’s always great to get two dresses in one!

    • http://www.thepresidentwearsprada.com TPWP

      Nnenna – Thank you and I completely agree – I love the fact that it’s reversible and each side can be worn very differently.

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  • zahra_sandberg

    Gorgeous! Those cut outs make that dress so sexy but in a demure way. My favorite kind of sexy. Love it!


    • http://www.thepresidentwearsprada.com TPWP

      Zahra – Demure sexiness is my favorite kind too! Once I put on the dress I fell in love with it even more and it was because of that exact subtle sexiness :)

  • http://kaisensei.blogspot.com Kai Sensei

    Love your outfit!

    • http://www.thepresidentwearsprada.com TPWP

      Thank you Kai – I could live in this dress :)

  • Michelle

    Such a unique dress and i love how you photographed it against a lush green backdrop

    • http://www.thepresidentwearsprada.com TPWP

      Thanks Michelle! I wanted a bright contrast to the dress and glad you like it :)

  • Laura Faint

    Stunning dress!

    • http://www.thepresidentwearsprada.com TPWP

      Thanks Laura – it’s even more gorgeous in person!

  • Katya Ananieva

    Amazing dress and love that it’s reversible!

    • http://www.thepresidentwearsprada.com TPWP

      Thanks pretty, that’s one of my favorite features too :) It’s like 2 dresses in 1!