From shorts to skirts

You know the American Apparel tulip skirt (looks just like the one I’m wearing)? I really liked it, and I will never complain about AA prices, but when you want to buy a $30 item in every color it sort of becomes a lot of money very quickly

(I’m throwing rocks at the tourists on segways below…. kidding)

Enter thrift stores, they always have these high-waisted shorts that make everyone look like they have a pot belly, something your parents wore in the 80s, they are there by the dozens for $2.50 each. Cheap enough to satisfy my cravings for quantity.

I am going to do a tutorial for you in the near future of how to convert them to skirts, it’s very easy. The skirts are so versatile and super comfortable. Perfect for a scorching day in the city.

Sorry I don’t have a more July 4th appropriate post US readers :) Actually I’m going to a party tonight high on a building that overlooks the monuments and fireworks so I will take pictures and show them to you tomorrow. HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!!

Skirt – Vintage shorts converted
Tank – Target
Belt – Vintage
Shoes – Michael Kors $35 at the DC sample sale (originally $400)