Fashionisto Diaries – the best NYFW coverage from a DC blog

Herve Leger Fall/Winter 2012 – photo by Lauren Kristin for Fashionisto Diaries:

Herve Leger Fall/Winter 2012 - photo by Lauren Kristin for Fashionisto Diaries

Emilio Cavallini Fall/Winter 2012 – photo by Lauren Kristin for Fashionisto Diaries:

Emilio Cavallini Fall/Winter 2012 - photo by Lauren Kristin for Fashionisto Diaries

Street style of Fashionisto Diaries author Ryan Charchian outside Lincoln Center – photo by Lauren Kristin:

Ryan Charchian of Fashionisto Diaries - photo by Lauren Kristin

An incredible photo by Lauren Kristin from her Flickr:

photo by Lauren Kristin

Far and away the best New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2012 coverage in the DC blogosphere is from Fashionisto Diaries. Excellent photos, timely/expansive coverage, and a few behind the scenes touches, this blog would be impressive if the story ended there, but it does not: Fashionisto Diaries is run by Ryan Charchian, a high school senior living in the DC suburbs; The photos are by Lauren Kristin, a teenage photo artist also living in the DC area. The level of talent, organization and commitment displayed by both is inspiring. Incidentally, Lauren Kristin’s portfolio of photo art may be even more impressive, displaying photographic talent and skill of the highest level.

We urge you to view Lauren’s photos below, peruse the NYFW coverage in Fashionisto Diaries and revel in the haunting beauty of Lauren photographs on her personal website and Flickr. The future is bright!