Fall in Love


I am so excited to have Hopeless as our second “favorite online shops” feature. I LOVE luxurious lingerie, I love collecting it, I love looking at it, I love opening my “lingerie” drawer and seeing all the gorgeous fabrics and beautiful colors and textures

Hopeless is one of my favorite lingerie lines – Each garment is designed and produced by Gabrielle Adamidis in Melbourne, Australia. She has been sewing her own clothes since a young age, and has been formally trained in dress-making and pattern-making. Her garments are impeccable, I adore everything about them – the romanticism, the color contrast, the vintage look – I feel like she designed them specially for me!

We asked her a few questions about her style and her inspirations:

Tell us a little bit more about your store:
“Hopeless Handmade Lingerie specializes in high end lingerie and sleepwear, handcrafted from silk, organic cotton and the softest bamboo jersey, with exquisite detailing and vintage flair. Our mission is to provide garments that empower the wearer and celebrate the female form.
Hopeless provides for those who appreciate beauty and invest in quality. Our lingerie is made from sumptuous fabrics and meticulously hand-finished, using techniques to ensure the longevity of each piece. Most garments are made to order, allowing clients to choose different colour-ways and ensuring a perfect fit.”

How would you describe your personal style? “These days I am very lazy! I work from home so spend a lot of time in comfy clothes. I am hoping to introduce a few more practical Hopeless lounge-wear pieces, so I can feel a little more glamorous on those lazy days!”

“But when I do have to get dressed up I love vintage dresses and accessories, anything with bows and ruffles, and beautiful fabrics. Especially pieces from the 40s and 50s – where women had a really curvy shape – I think I would have fit in much better then! If I had more time for myself I would indulge in a lot more vintage fashion and designer pieces, I love having things that no one else does, and things that have been made with love. I think about the past with a romantic nostalgia, but I must admit I spend much more time on the internet admiring pieces than I do in real life, as I have so many commitments to my business and sewing takes up most of my leisure time. The internet provides a convenient escape.”

How does it influence your store? “I make things that I love, and every piece is inspired by things that interest me. From nature to history to art, I constantly absorb inspiration from around me, and put everything back into what I create. While I might not dress up everyday, I love dreaming about it, and I hope that my pieces inspire people to dream that way too. It isn’t very practical to wear my lingerie everyday, but thats ok, they are for special times, they are things to treasure.”

And what is your most cherished lingerie item (that you’ve made, or otherwise)? “It is hard to pick just one! Probably a pair of vintage seamed stockings, they are in perfect condition and I have no idea when they were made, but they are really beautiful. Also I made a tartan bustier when I was at school that fits me perfectly. It took me months to make so I definitely cherish that!”

We picked a few of our favorite items from her Posie Pepper Collection:


Picking my favorite was easy, it won’t be easy buying just one! I am really looking forward to the Hopeless lounge wear line!