DC Here Now Party

Emily Wall, the beautiful photographer behind DC Here Now:

Emily Wall of DC Here Now

Her photos waiting to be taken home by an attendee:

DC Here Now photo wall

DC Here Now photo wall

Victor Zapanta, we loved his grey blazer, plaid tie and the added edge of his partially shaven head:

Victor Zapanta

Whenever we encounter this group of women at an event, my camera gets excited. They are some of the most stylish in DC:

DC Here Now fashionable attendees

Make-up artist Michelle is one of our favorites to photograph. Her lace blouse and vintage Gucci bag are to die for:


But naturally her make-up steals the show, shouldn’t this lipstick application be a trend? We love it:


We have a soft spot for those that show the beauty of every-day people in Washington DC. Emily Wall of DC Here Now is one of the best and most diligent. Her photos have a dreamy sentimentality that we really enjoy.

No wonder her party at The Dunes had the same friendly welcoming feel, an extension of her own generous and approachable disposition. Photos from her blog were hung on the gallery wall and guests were instructed to pick their favorites and take them home. As photos were removed they were replaced with new copies; a novel concept that engaged the attendees with the work.