Come Over

The expectation was palpable in the dense air of the Rock & Roll Hotel last night, palpable and excitedly progressing in intensity through 3 opening acts. I was certainly not the only one who was there to see US Royalty

If I had been a stranger to the looks of the headlining band I would’ve still been able to pick them out of a band line up – not so much because they looked like US royalty, but because they looked hmmm… polished – rock & roll, clean, stylish, sexy, confident type of polished. Not that this imparts any merit to their musical talent, but I personally get a little extra enjoyment from seeing a good-looking set of guys singing to me That and their incredible presence on stage, specially John Thornley’s, the lead singer, who honestly could be singing about cleaning products and it wouldn’t matter because I wouldn’t be able to look away, his warbling, 60s-music-idol voice won’t let me. I have seen a fair amount of bands play live but only a few of them have had this type of magic onstage, and it’s so exciting to see it materialize and permeate the crowd song after song. And for me, the blues impregnated sounds really really really seal the deal.

If you missed them, see their live sessions at Brightest Young Things.