Chocolate for Lunch

I go through this very emotional process whenever I come back from a trip to NYC. I walk around filled with melancholy about our lack of good casual places to eat, our miserable delis, our sad bakeries…. all pale in comparison to the ones I love in NYC which, to add insult to injury, are found on every corner.

But right when I start becoming depressed I tell myself  “at least we have Locolat.“ It’s our own little piece of heaven and just as good as the best in New York City

The kind of neighborhood place that makes you fall in love with a city. Where you can find crispy and buttery home-made croissants, creamy quiches made from exotic cheeses, crisp savory waffles topped with perfectly grilled zucchini and eggplant, or my favorite – smoked salmon and arugula. And it doesn’t stop there – the store’s glass cases are full of colorful macaroons, chocolate candy, house-made truffles, tortes and these magical wedges of white or dark chocolate filled with banana ganache, almond truffle and Feulletines– my favorite sweet thing in the entire world.

It seems a little impossible to find fine Belgian chocolates, delectable beef stew,  fresh croissants, waffles and soon beer all under the same small roof and all expertly made. But when you find out the caliber of people behind this operation (world-renowned pastry chef Niel Piferoen and his dad, Master Chef of Belgium, Geert Piferoen) it’s not so hard to believe.

As you can tell from this and other stories, I know this place well – I visit it quite often :)