The impetus for our short film Caroline was a $15 vintage wedding dress and an impossibly long purple wig.

Our sweet and talented collaborator, Caroline Lacey, elevated the concept to another level when she casted eight of her childhood Barbie dolls as co-stars. The ease with which we work together is evidenced by the fact that we shot this entire video over the course of a single afternoon. We hope you enjoy the story as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Special thanks to Morgan Hungerford West and Panda Head for screening our film.

Music: Birdy Hunt – Only Love

  • Maria-Alejandra

    This was so, so cool!!!! What a lovely short film. Looking forward to your next :)

    • http://www.thepresidentwearsprada.com TPWP

      Thanks Alejandra – we had so much fun making it!

  • Carlis

    Great job guys! and Carla can we talk about your acting skills! did not like seeing you CRY! lol xo

    • http://www.thepresidentwearsprada.com TPWP

      I learned from all the telenovelas I watched as a child LOLOL Glad you like it!

  • Ashley Turchin

    So amazing!! I looove it! It was exactly as you described! So cool! xx

    • http://www.thepresidentwearsprada.com TPWP

      Aww thanks Ashley!

  • http://twitter.com/webhautejas jasmine.

    OMG!…at first i was like what is happening here…and then by the end i was like I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT…i watched the end like 3 times!!! congrats on the creativity with this….soooooo freaking good!

    • http://www.thepresidentwearsprada.com TPWP

      This is the best comment ever! Our goal is always to keep our readers on their toes and make them think. Thank you so much!

  • highfashion4less

    such a cool shortfilm! Still can’t get over how awesome the purple wig looked on you!

    • http://www.thepresidentwearsprada.com TPWP

      Thanks girlie! I was in love with the wig by the end of the shoot!

  • Krystin Hargrove

    This is AMAZING :) I love the dolls! You guys are so creative, can’t wait to see more XOXO

    • http://www.thepresidentwearsprada.com TPWP

      Awww thanks Krystin! It all came together at the last minute and the dolls were the perfect addition :)