CapFABB 1 Year Anniversary Celebration

Part of the flower bar by H.BLOOM:

H.BLOOM flower bar

Elizabeth of So Much to Smile About and Lacey of A Lacey Perspective, founders of CapFABB:

Elizabeth and Lacey, founders of CapFABB

Scenery at Cities Restaurant & Lounge

Ashley of LBVie Ashlely and La Petite Marmoset Vintage:

Ashley of LPM Vintage

CapFABB's 1 Year Anniversary at Cities Restaurant & Lounge

Our new friend Leslie of Fashion Needy:

Leslie of Fashion Needy

Leslie of Fashion Needy

Mayhem at the flower bar:

H.BLOOM flower bar

Monica of MonaLavinia:

Attendees of CapFABB's 1 Year Anniversary

We love the skulls/Rolex juxtaposition on the wrist of Allix of The District:

Alix of The District

A giant chain-link bracelet, worn by Alejandra of Alejandra:

Alejandara of Alejandra

Cortnie of Stylelust Pages holding one of the clutches she makes and sells on her Etsy store – love, cortnie:

Courtnie of Stylust Pages

Sai of Because I’m Fabulous:

Sai of Because I'm Fabulous

Sai of Because I'm Fabulous

Kate Warren of Go Kate Shoot:

Kate Warren of Go Kate Shoot

Kate Warren of Go Kate Shoot

Lacey of A Lacey Perspective:

Lacey of A Lacey Perspective

Detail of a belt worn by Katya of Spicy Candy DC:

Katya of Spicy Candy DC

Elizabeth of So Much to Smile About:

Elizabeth of So Much to Smile About

H.BLOOM flower bar

The photo booth was the most popular attraction:

Photo booth at CapFABB's 1 Year Anniversary

Dynamic vintage duo Katherine and Ashley have recently combined forces to sell lots of vintage at La Petite Marmoset Vintage:

Katherine and Ashley of LPM Vintage

Life without CapFABB in Washington DC is a distant memory. The one year anniversary party was a surprise because it felt like so much time had passed since we attended our first CapFABB event. I suppose DC style is now aging in dog years: as a group we have come light years from where we were just one year ago and CapFABB deserves considerable credit.

This event, sponsored by flower service H.BLOOM, and hosted by Cities Restaurant & Lounge was the most enjoyable event to datefas. Much of the fun should be attributed to the lethal (to fashion bloggers) combination of excellent cocktails, a make-your-own-arrangement flower bar, and a photo booth with instant print photos. Happy anniversary CapFABB!