Bows and Stripes from Sonia Rykiel for H&M – First Look

I walked over to the H&M near my apartment to see the Sonia Rykiel Collection yesterday morning. I was amazed at the frantic young women disrobing in the middle of the store desperate to try on as many items of clothing as possible

Some of the pictures of my favorite item

I managed to browse through the highly publicized collection in a calm private corner thanks to a lovely manager. I was very satisfied with the quality and execution of the clothes which I had only previously seen through their windows. The signature oversized sweater dress was nicely made and true to the colorful nature seen in ads – it is truly oversized which will make for interesting layering or synching, but either way I suggest you buy the smallest size possible. The striped cardigan with pink bows was another favorite of mine – it had the perfect weight for Spring and had lovely knit patterns on the sleeves.

I decided to forgo the fitting room and bought a few different sizes of the items I liked. I will be listing the ones I don’t keep on ebay for those of you who weren’t able to get to a “select” H&M store. You can find them HERE.