Boundary Road Tasting

Last Thursday I was privileged to attend the pre-opening tasting at Boundary Road. If you read our preview post, you know just how much my taste buds were anticipating this moment. Thankfully they were not disappointed.

Here’s my dish by dish review:

Queso Fresco Arepas with white bean stew – I was glad to see this popular South American dish on the menu. These savory cakes were cooked to a perfect crisp and filled with queso fresco, a mild unaged cheese that paired beautifully with the bean stew.

Arepas at Boundary Road

Quark and Black Pepper Pierogi – my favorite dish of the night. The soft & light quark cheese filled the airy dumpling and it melted in my mouth. I wish I had ordered the larger portion – I just couldn’t get enough!

Pierogi at Boundary Road

Paprika Dusted Flounder over a Spanish Fishermen’s Stew – I started with a spoonful of broth and was pleasantly surprised by the explosively complex ocean flavor reminiscent of the similarly aromatic “abaja de pescado” served on the southern coast of Spain that my mom loves to make. As delicious as the broth was, the flounder was the real star – it was unmistakably fresh and cooked perfectly.

Flounder at Boundary Road

Chef Brad Walker approached my table as I finished the entrees and offered to make me donuts. If you are a frequent reader, you are familiar with my ever-growing love for donuts. I was visibly giddy after the first bite of a light & crispy sphere unlike any I have ever had.

Donuts at Boundary Road

I also tasted a delicious and slightly spicy chocolate cake, a recipe of the Chef’s mother-in-law.

Chocolate Cake at Boundary Road

Boundary Road opens to the public tonight – you can make reservations on their website, which is a good thing, since they surely will be one of the most coveted tables in the neighborhood.

Interior of Boundary Road