Boundary Road Preview

There are few word combinations that invariably steal my appetite and, frequently, my foodie heart: Rustic, Simple, Uncomplicated, Passionate, Exceptional Quality is one of them.

Boundary Road

So it’s safe to say that Boundary Road had me at hello when owners Karlos Leopold and Brad Walker uttered those words in our conversation about the upcoming American bistro scheduled to open late January/early February on H Street NE. Chef Brad Walker also has Cashion’s Eat Place, the first restaurant in DC I fell in love with, on his pedigree, along with other favorites – Proof, Central, Fiola. A peek at their winter menu reveals exciting offerings like Quark and Black Pepper Pierogi, Foie Gras Torchon PBJ, Uruguayan Bresaola, and a Brick Chicken entrée with mushroom fricassee, farro and Brussels sprouts.

The interior space features a dramatic 2-story dining room with a beautifully rustic piece of artwork that serves as a statement chandelier repurposed from an antique metal spring mattress shell created by artist James Kerns of Corehaus DC, that I had marveled at months previously at the Submerge Art Exhibit. The perimeter walls of exposed brick are bolstered by reclaimed antique wooden beams and a long welcoming bar lines the sidewall. All the way in the back is the partially open kitchen and a short counter where they hope to feature a small chef’s table sometime in the future. Karlos, Brad and friends designed the interiors themselves, an early testament to their uncomplicated yet eclectic taste.

Here are a few preview pictures we took of Boundary Road during construction. We have our fingers crossed that their permits process goes swiftly, I haven’t been this excited for a restaurant opening in quite a while….

General manager Karlos Leopold and chef Brad Walker, owners of Boundary Road:

Boundary Road - Karlos Leopold & Brad Walker

A rustic/industrial steel girder chandelier hangs across from the bar:

Boundary Road - Steel Girder Chandelier

A closeup shot of the bar surface, with great dovetail detailing:

Boundary Road - Bar Detail

We were happy to see this James Kerns piece from Submerge DC end up in the perfect place:

Boundary Road - Mattress Spring Chandelier