Big and Small Tickets

It was October of 2007 when I first saw them – on the Chanel Spring 2008 runway replete with ridiculous trends

I thought maybe this pair would also belong in that category – but there was a part of them I actually liked – the peep toe, the bootie, maybe even the wedge. ($1185)

They resurfaced again in February of 2008 a little transformed, significantly improved, at Riccardo Tisci’s exceptionally slick and gorgeous Givenchy Fall show. I had fully converted at that point, and I wanted them badly, the vamp straps sealed the deal for me. ($795)

Then I saw another reincarnation of them a few days later, this time on a runway in Milan, surrounded by ice-cream-colored garments at Marni. These however, had no wedge but a platform and a higher shaft instead – the peep-toe remained. And since I love everything Marni I, of course, also loved these. ($925)

I was becoming a little nervous at that point, I knew I HAD TO have a shoe that encompassed all the elements of the 3 above – open toe, boot, heel – what made me nervous was that I knew each of the shoes I loved would cost hmmm…. probably around a thousand dollars – EACH.

Yeah, so that probably wasn’t going to responsibly happen for me and then I remembered a shoe designer I really liked- Cheyenne for Tashkent- and a shoe she had designed for the Spring 2008 called The Zidana that had a few of the characteristics I was looking for and the price was just a tad more modest ($500) yeah just a tad. But you can find them right now on ebay for $299 so I was tempted, very tempted…. until……

…. Until Alice and Olivia created this gorgeous little thing for Payless and it met pretty much every single qualification I needed met AND they come in red AND they’re ONLY $48. I was so excited I had to buy it in both colors, of course. And since they were designed by A & O I don’t feel like I have to struggle with the designer impostor bit that Morgan so cleverly discussed at BYT. Right? Ok, right. By the way the shoe below is gorgeous in person. ($48)