Best Address


I look at an immense amount of DC real estate. I’m jaded and bored with most of it. The promise of a stately exterior is hardly ever matched by the interior. So you can imagine my surprise and subsequent joy when I stumbled upon this treasure: a unique condo located just off the lobby on the ground floor of one of the best preserved and best kept pre-war apartment buildings in the city, 2029 Connecticut Avenue NW

A scan from James Goode’s “Best Addresses” showing one of the unit’s rooms as originally intended

The same room as it is now (used as a living room)

The den

The acquisition price for a large upper-floor unit can wander well into the single-digit millions. In comparison, this unit is a steal at the offer price of $879,900. And this unit is special because it is comprised of what was once the public meeting rooms of the building, which means it has much higher ceilings and much more intricate plaster work than upper floor units. This may be the best 1 bedroom condo for entertaining in the city.

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Photos from MRIS