Behind the Glass Doors

Sometimes being backstage in a fashion event is more exciting than sitting on the front row – the ReadysetDC show was no exception for me.  I worked with a wonderful group of girls who were entertaining, sweet, funny – not to mention beautiful – Cathy, Katerina, Kristen and I had a fun time getting all of them ready – despite having to constantly expel intruders and strangers from our dressing room who wanted to try on their clothes!

The lovely make-up is the work of Nataly, who will be collaborating with us on the blog to bring you make-up tips, Spring looks, runway inspirations and much more.  For her first post she will share with us her inspiration for the make-up she did for the show.  We’re very excited and hope to get some much needed make-up inspiration.

A million thanks to the models: Kate, Danielle, Mery, Agnes, Megan, Massod & Mery.