BCBGMAXAZRIA Luncheon with Lubov Azria

Macarons, French music, and beautiful clothes were all part of a lovely afternoon I spent at Adour in the St Regis Hotel for the BCBGMAXAZRIA Luncheon.

Elle Choi (left) and Lacey Maffettone (right) of A Lacey Perspective.

Erika (left) and Natalie (right) the sisters of Fashionably Broke.

Erika’s boots complemented her dress:

I’m wearing a Chloe lace mini-dress, Phillip Lim Edie Bow Studded Bag, and a vintage bracelet.

 I had the wonderful opportunity to view the Pre-Fall 2012 collection, chat with Lubov Azria, who is an extraordinary and insightful woman, as you will read in the interview below, and also meet her equally delightful team.

I loved hearing stories of Lubov’s deep involvement with design at BCBG that included her trying on every piece of clothing before it went into production. Their close-knit team was genuinely passionate and in love with BCBG and with Lubov.

This collection was inspired by Lubov’s Ukranian and Slavic roots and also had hints of sportswear married with lingerie.

The flowy, floor-sweeping silhouettes with pops of color and delicate pleating were my favorites and it was such a treat to see them in motion in such a beautiful setting.

Our words with Lubov Azria of BCBGMAXAZRIA

TPWPTell me a little bit about your partnership with Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Lubov: Cancer affects everybody, we can all potentially carry cancer cells and we have to teach people how to eat right, take care of themselves…about early prevention – and being a Jew, I feel like it’s in my blood and I want to help increase that awareness. I also love what [Nancy] does, she’s absolutely phenomenal, she has such a vision and for a woman to do that I think it’s amazing. I’m so loyal to their cause, so every year I’m there.

TPWPYou like to be involved in social media and you have a blog that’s part of the BCBG website. Tell us your thoughts on engaging your consumer.

Lubov: I think it’s extremely important to engage with your consumer. You want to say what you want to say about your brand, not through a representative. I mean you’re the voice. So I think it’s very important to talk to the consumer and let them know what’s going on, most of the times unedited. I’m happy to let them know what influences me, what I like, what things I’m excited by. For example we are really into art and travel so we share the things that are coming up for us. For me, in life if you don’t grow you die – if you don’t contribute, you get eliminated. So the whole idea of learning constantly, I can’t image a day when I’m not learning something new.

TPWPWe are very similar in that way!

Lubov: Yes, that’s great. Because you know, what happens to people is that they get rich and they stop growing. Now what they’re doing is protecting that gold and it’s a completely different attitude than when they were taking risks, jumping around, they were being unreasonable and I love that. That’s what gets people so excited

It’s interesting for me because you know, we are a privately owned company and my husband does an amazing job with finance, I’m more on the creative side but I don’t think I ever designed for money. If I did, the collection would look completely different. The design comes from asking, “How can I make it better?” “What can I change to make it more beautiful?” And I have an amazing team to help me that is very inspirational. We work together, we brainstorm and it’s fantastic to see something from the sketch, to the pattern, to the model, and then finally in a store. And then you see it in your consumer – That feeling is just amazing because you know that they bought that with their hard-earned money and it’s fantastic.

TPWP: I know this is a very quick trip to DC, but being an art lover, are you planning on seeing any art exhibits while you’re here?

Lubov: Well our team has a bucket list for each city we visit and we are going to the White House and I want to do a cartwheel in front of the White House and after reading The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown I want to see the ceiling of the Library of Congress. But art to me…the type of art that I like are things that I can relate to. You know Picasso and Degas are great but to tell you the truth, I like the underground art – There’s a place in LA, a small gallery where different artists post their work, and I have to say sometimes I go in and I’m just in awe of what I see, of the creativity there and the type of work that people do – I become obsessed.

But I still go to major galleries and have fun. Last time I went to the Whitney I bought this photograph, I was so excited, until I read in the back what it was – it was a picture of bird shit on the ground! Can I tell you, I love it! I like telling people, “-Isn’t that beautiful, it’s bird shit!” It’s fun, you know and art should be fun. You know, I was at a dinner at the Whitney and I was sitting next to some very big collectors and I asked them, “-How do you know when it’s the right painting, when it’s the one” and a woman said “-When I love it” I thought that was the best advice.


  • Katya

    Absolutely love this interview..she seems so cool and down to earth. Definitely a fellow Ukrainian to be proud of :) The photos are fantastic too! Great job guys.

    • http://twitter.com/TPWPGuide TPWP Guide

      She was exceptional! Made me love Ukrainians even more :)

  • Sara

    such beautiful pictures and what a treat to learn more about Lubov!

    • http://www.thepresidentwearsprada.com TPWP

      It really was a treat!

  • Annisa

    I love BCBG, thanks for posting the pictures are gorgeous

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      We’re big fans too! Glad you like them :)

  • Kim Nguyen

    Killer dress Carla!

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      Thanks 😉

  • Jordan S

    Wonderful interview! great to hear the perspective of someone like Lubov and her candid responses

    • http://www.thepresidentwearsprada.com TPWP

      Thank you – we were in love with her responses

  • http://www.labellemel.com/ Melanie

    great interview! =)