ANTHOM online fashion - as diverse as the world via

Our love for fashion and unique design has led us to a beautiful place – it’s called ANTHOM

In the 5 years since we started our blog, our appreciation for fashion has multiplied. So has our love for independent, under-the-radar designers who are pioneers in creating unique and beautiful clothing. We have partnered with our gorgeous and talented friend Ashley to launch ANTHOM, an online shopping destination to bring you the special and unique items that we love, covet, and admire. The collage above is a peek at some of the designers we will carry – from as far away as Ukraine, Morocco, and Chile – and others from our own home of DC. ANTHOM will launch in April; you can follow our adventures on ANTHOM’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We are delighted to share this journey with you and hope you love ANTHOM as much as we do.

  • SkinnyHipster

    Yah!!! I can’t wait, congrats ladies.

  • Kate

    Congratulations. I’m excited for the designers coming up.

  • highfashion4less

    These pieces look awesome! i CANNOT wait to see the collection of goodies you ladies have begun to put together! eeeeeek

  • Katya Ananieva

    Well you already know how excited I am about this… I seriously can’t wait!!!! You guys are amazing and this is a huge .. HUGE thing for all of us in DC! I love that you will be bringing all these great brands under one roof — Anthom! Congrats in advance!

  • Katya Ananieva

    Oh and the fact that you love Ukrainian designers is just an added bonus for me! :)

  • Serife Meruse

    Oh my the digital printing on them are gorgeous!

    • TPWP

      Thanks Serife, we love them too! You can get them now at