An Umbrella for Celine

Celine Trapeze bag, Ralph Lauren blazer, GAP Jeans

Have I told you how much I like rain?

I’m wearing a vintage Ralph Lauren blazer from the newly opened¬†Savers
(my new favorite thrifting destination). Gap distressed jeans. Juicy Couture Rosa Velvet Pumps. Celine Trapeze bag from Hu’s Wear.

Celine Trapeze bag, Ralph Lauren blazer, GAP Jeans, Juicy Couture shoes

Vintage YSL heart charm bracelet. Black skull watch by Vabene.

Celine Trapeze bag, Ralph Lauren blazer, GAP Jeans, American Apparel t-shirt, YSL bracelet

Celine Trapeze bag, Ralph Lauren blazer, GAP Jeans, Juicy Couture shoes

Celine Trapeze bag, Ralph Lauren blazer, GAP Jeans, Juicy Couture shoes

I used to write silly poems about the melancholy of storms as a teenager – I also prepared algebra lesson plans for my imaginary classroom of students. The things we did before the age of the internet! Or maybe it was just me ha ha! This past weekend I went to visit my friend Katya (SpicyCandyDC) in Alexandria and took these pictures in a green frondose park that beautifully contrasted to the gloomy rainy skies yet appropriately matched my green and grey Celine Trapeze bag.

  • Monica Garcia

    Nicely done.Hunter green is my absolute favorite color and anything monochromatic to hunter green

    • TPWP Guide

      Thank you! I really like how the bag picks up colors from its surroundings and here it definitely looks green :)

  • Carlis of Spicy Candy DC

    Love the entire outfit! loving the more often outfit post. I can’t wait to visit Savers. xo

    • TPWP Guide

      Thanks girlie! I think the more it rains the more outfit posts I do ha ha!

  • Cheralee

    Far too beautiful. Where are those shoes from! x

    • TPWP Guide

      Juicy Couture :)

    • TPWP Guide

      Thanks pretty! They are called Rosa Velvet Heels by Juicy Couture

  • Katya

    Although this outfit looked even more stunning in person, this definitely made for a perfect outfit post and you captured it perfectly in photos! Thank you both for coming to visit me…I really enjoy our time together! PS: Totally obsessed with your new beauty … the Celine bag. #dreamy

    • TPWP Guide

      You’re too sweet. Loved seeing you bb, we need to have these dates more often :)

  • La Petite Marmoset

    I love this!! Your nail color is perfection by the way :)

    • TPWP Guide

      Thanks love! It’s my first attempt at nail art: I used Essie’s Absolutely Shore and Turquoise & Caicos.

  • simplyepalf

    Great pictures!! This is right near where I work. LOVE the celine trapeze. I’m thinking about getting one! Did you get it from somewhere in DC?

    • TPWP Guide

      Thanks! It was such a peaceful area. I got my Celine Trapeze at Hu’s Wear in Georgetown, they are great and super helpful

  • JenniJP

    I love this. I thrifted that same exact blazer but mine is more of a blazer dress… longer length. I love the way you paired it and of course the pics are STUNNING!!!!

    • TPWP

      Thanks! Yours sounds awesome, especially for the fall.

  • Stephanie

    Hello,Could you please tell me)) Is your Celine trapeze bag medium ,small or big size?
    Thank you

    • TPWP

      Hi Stephanie! The Celine Trapeze bag only comes in one size :) It’s a medium-sized bag, smaller than the Phantom.