Creative Projects
In April 2013 TPWP partnered with Ashley Turchin to launch ANTHOM, an international online boutique featuring exclusive capsule collections and thoughtfully curated clothing and accessories by under-the-radar designers and independent labels from the USA and around the globe. This is by far our most ambitious project to date.
TPWP Guide
In 2010 The President Wears Prada expanded to create TPWP Guide, the carefully curated insider’s guide to Washington, DC. TPWP Guide is an organized way of spotlighting the elements of DC that we find exhilarating. The Guide is managed by the same people that bring you The President Wears Prada.
In 2009 TPWP began to collaborate with local designers, retailers, and restaurants in a variety of capacities. View our Portfolio for more details.
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Founded The President Wears Prada in the summer of 2008 as a creative outlet to her otherwise acutely scientific brain. Carla is the chief writer of TPWP, and a frequent photographic subject of outfit posts and fashion videos. In addition to science and fashion, Carla loves reinventing the dishes of her childhood, collecting antique poetry books, and scouring flea markets with her aunt. She does not love long walks on the beach or chronically early arrivers.


The creative and visual eye of The President Wears Prada. A lifelong artist with experience in multiple creative mediums, he delights in using the latest advances in photographic and video technology to create imaginative scenes or capture the beauty and elegance of a moment. Marshall has combined these creative mediums with his web design experience to build and design all visual and technical aspects of The President Wears Prada and TPWP Guide. The juxtaposition between limited resources, difficult environments, and the best available technology is where Marshall finds ingenuity and inspiration and he is excited to collaborate with other creative minds that share his pursuit of beautiful perfection.

The President Wears Prada

Created with the goal of highlighting the fashionable, stylish, and creative elements of Washington DC that lacked proper recognition. During that time we felt but did not fully realize that our sentiments were among a groundswell shared by many like-minded people in DC. We have been riding the wave of creative expression that is currently sweeping this city and actively participating in this unprecedented movement. Once a hyper-conservative and run-down black hole of politics and not much else, Washington DC now has a thriving and hungry creative community that is opening groundbreaking new restaurants, fashionable boutiques, clothing lines, and organizing extremely popular events.

Recently, as a direct result of our ventures, TPWP has expanded beyond the borders of DC to cover fashion and creativity globally.